With the aim of increasing the value and profitability of your assets, AHC Asset Management helps you in developing and achieving your hotel asset management strategy.

We make sure that the return on investment meets your expectations, whether you are an owner- investor or an owner-operator.

Operational and financial performance Diagnosis

From the chosen positioning to the outcome, several factors are involved and have an impact on your hotel’s profitability, either positively or negatively. We pinpoint the effects of various performance drivers, allowing you to focus your efforts on relevant optimization levers to reach your hotel’s full potential.

Operational performance:

> Organizational diagnosis: Standards and systems, Staffing guide, productivity, vision, task, engagement...

> Analysis: Overall strategy, F&B identity, Marcom strategy, Sales strategy, Revenue Management strategy, and operational KPI’s (TO, ADR, RevPar, TrevPar….).

> Market outlook, Benchmark and E- reputation: destination, positioning Vs compset and notoriety on booking platforms and social networks.

> Operator performance: geust experience, Chain services, sales and marketing support and SWOT.

> Asset life-cycle management: CapEx, maintenance policy and compliance with standards.

Financial performance:

> Review historical and Current P&L : impactful items, profitability indicators (GOI, GOPPAR, EBITDA) and financial KPIs (CPOR, CPAR, Flowthrough . . .).

> Focus on structural Costs : payroll, energy, Overhead, Fees....

> Analysis of the working capital, funding calls and cash flow to the owner.

> Review of balance sheet accounts.

Strategic Review

Should you sell your hotel and use the proceeds elsewhere or should you keep running it? If so, for how long? And “As-Is”, “Repositioned” or “Renovated”?

Based on the diagnosis of the operational and financial performance of the asset, your objectives, the position of the asset in the investment cycle, and the Sell Vs Hold analyses, we build the AMP (Asset Management Plan), a roadmap that includes both the strategic vision for the asset and the tactical and operational measures, as well as the CapEx needed to achieve this vision.

hallway of building
hallway of building

Overseeing the physical asset and its operations

AHC Asset Management associates have evolved on both, the hotel owners’ and operators’ sides. This path now helps them reconcile the competing goals of both sides. Wearing the Owner hat to identify Highest and best use opportunities which can greatly enhance a hotel’s value. Understanding the critical components of operations, they use their expertise to leverage and maximize the efforts of the operator to ensure that the asset performs at its best within its environnement.

As an owner representation, we take a pro-active role in the following areas:

> Implementation of tactical tools to execute the owner's strategic vision.

> Monitor ongoing operational and financial performance.

> Identify opportunities that may increase the asset’s value and Keep watch on the hotel's environment and risks that could affect its value.

> Advise ownership on management issues: budgeting process, CapEx, MCI requests, HMA compliance, relevant evolution in market, annual yield...

> Monitor the rental performance of leased assets and monitor their valuation.